About InvesDaBa

InvesDaBa arises in early 2014 in order to allow the study of financial information provided regularly by traded companies. This basic information, while public listed, is dispersed in the network. As a result, the in depth examination and comparison of data of different corporations can be an arduous task.

InvesDaBa aims to display the financial information of publicly traded firms in an orderly and clear way. This webpage also allows an easier analization of these data through its comparison tools.

The information contained on this page comes from third parties. While we try to keep the maximum rigor in the data shown, we are not responsible for any errors or misrepresentations therein. If you find any mistake in the information provided, you want to make a suggestion or have any doubt about InvesDaBa feel free to contact us. We will be very thankful for your contribution and answer you as soon as possible.

Founder: Eduardo Vioque-Martínez